Wood Fences

At Mossy Oak Fence, all of our wood fences are custom stick-built. We NEVER use pre-built panels like many other fencing companies or big box stores. Instead, we utilize the highest quality materials available to our industry and use innovative designs to help keep your family safe, and your Tampa home looking beautiful.

We off three distinct wood species:

  • Pressure-treated pine
  • Western red cedar
  • Cypress

All have their own unique characteristics and capabilities.

In Florida, a pressure-treated pine fence needs to have special precautions taken to prevent warping, cupping, and cracking from high humidity and repetitive wet/dry cycles. To help mitigate these effects, Mossy Oak Fence only installs PT pine boards with Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood, a Green Certified product that protects your Tampa fence investment in ways you won’t believe!

Wood Fence Styles

There are three basic styles of wood fences to choose from for your Tampa property:

Wood Privacy Fences

We like to think outside of the box when it comes to a traditional wood privacy fence. We want your Tampa fence to provide security and structural integrity, all while being attractive! That’s why we custom stick-build our wood privacy fences. Building this way allows us to use full-size custom materials, and roll with any type of terrain your Tampa property might throw at us!

Privacy fences are generally a minimum of 6 feet in height but can be custom built to 8 or 10 feet high in both stockade ( boards that are side by side) and board-on-board styles. Wood privacy fencing will visually block a view from the outside-in or inside-out and will protect and will safely contain children and pets.

Mossy Oak Fence has been the industry standard to which other Central Florida and Tampa fence companies are compared when it comes to innovation and design.

Take a look through our basic wood privacy fence styles below, or talk with our experts about the endless customization options we offer in Tampa from cross-beams and horizontal board installs, to decorative post caps and finials.

Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Stockade Privacy Fence

The standard stockade privacy fence is our most economical fence in Tampa. It is still stick-built and made with high-grade materials, and is suitable for anyone in Tampa looking for safety and privacy on a budget.

Board-on-Board Privacy Fence

When a standard privacy fence is installed on a Tampa property, the wood goes on the fence wet ( or green) and in a very short time, dries out which causes the fence pickets to shrink about ⅛ of an inch. This minimal shrinkage allows daylight through the boards, and just enough space for someone to see through the gap!

To avoid this problem, Mossy Oak Fence suggests building a board-on-board privacy fence in Tampa. We build this style by overlapping each 6-inch board achieving a ¾ inch overlap on each side. As the boards shrink, there won’t be any daylight gaps!

Cross-Frame Privacy Fence

Cross frame privacy fences are popular due to their unique framing that eliminates the standard 3 rail frame used on most privacy fencing. If used around Tampa backyards with pools, this frame reduces the possibility of someone using the fence’s framework to climb over the fence, since the outside is smooth with no surface to climb.

This style is also a favorite among Tampa builders and developers for subdivision entrances and perimeters, because of its rustic appeal and sturdiness.

Capped Board-on-Board Fence

Our capped board-on-board privacy fence is our signature fence style, and no other Central Florida or Tampa fence company can truly recreate it! The capped board-on-board fence has the same complete privacy as a regular board-on-board fence, but with solid beams across the top and the bottom of the panels. This not only creates a very attractive appearance, but a very sturdy fence for your Tampa property!

Horizontal Wood Privacy Fence

Horizontal wood privacy fences offer an extra modern appearance for Tampa homes, while still maintaining complete privacy and security!

Wood Semi-Privacy Fences

Also known as “neighbor-friendly” or a “good neighbor” fence, a wood semi-privacy or “shadowbox” fence is a popular choice since it looks great on both sides! The general rule to fencing in your Tampa backyard is to turn the finished smooth side toward your neighbor. With semi-privacy fencing, you don’t have to choose a side!

Because we stick build all our wood semi-privacy fences, we can space boards in a “tight-weave” and create a variety of unique styles. Our lineup of shadowbox styles include:

  • Straight dog ear
  • Capped
  • Scallop cut
  • Saddle cut

We also offer a variety of different post styles such as French Gothic, dado, pointed dado, and more! For a more custom design, you can choose from pressure-treated pine, Western red cedar, and cypress.

At Mossy Oak Fence, we have won many awards for our creativity and quality of fence construction and we would love to walk you through the best wood semi-privacy fencing options for your Tampa property. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Wood Picket Fences

If you are more interested in containment than privacy, a shorter decorative custom wood picket fence may be the choice for you!

A picket fence generally is 4 feet in height but this may be too short if you have a bigger dog that can jump to that height. If so, we can build your picket fence higher to meet your specific needs. If you want a cottage look for your front yard in Tampa, you may want to opt for a shorter 3-foot tall picket fence.

Whichever height you choose, Mossy Oak Fence has the most creative picket fence designs available in Central Florida and Tampa. As always, all of our wood picket fences are custom stick-built. We custom-cut each picket and post with innovative machinery at our facility in Tavares, FL. We offer designs such as French Gothic, the Virginian, and the Breckenridge. Our custom curved-top designs featuring a scallop or saddle-cut are also very popular.

Whatever picket fence style you choose, Mossy Oak Fence is the custom fence contractor of choice for consumers in Tampa and all of Central Florida!

Wood Picket Fence Styles

Dog Ear Picket Fence

The dog ear wood picket fence style is a traditional picket fence design and is very economical. Picket-tops are cut off at an angle, creating a “dog ear” look. This classic picket fence style allows wind to pass freely through the fence to your Tampa yard. We use Western red cedar for our wood picket fences, but we can also build most of our styles with pressure-treated pine as well.

Saddle Cut Picket Fence

The saddle-cut or concave picket fence style is a unique way to add character to a traditional wood picket fence. This style creates a true saddle shape in each fence panel. Our saddle-cut wood picket fences are ideal for Tampa customers who would like to contain children or pets but desire to keep the view from their yard.

Scallop Cut Picket Fence

The scallop-cut or convex style picket fence is simple, yet elegant. We offer the option of wide boards or 1” by 4” pickets at the same cost. Our scallop-cut wood picket fence is an excellent choice for Tampa residents who desire a beautiful wood fence without feeling “closed in” at an affordable price!

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