Aluminum Fences

With increasing innovation, decorative aluminum fence sales have significantly risen over the last decade. They are growing in popularity faster than any other fencing type on the market. Extrusion and power coating have drastically improved the classic wrought iron fence from your grandparent’s house. Each component in an aluminum fence can easily be interchanged in the event of damage and eliminates the need to remove entire fence sections, as was needed when rewelding and other repairs were necessary. Common issues are avoided with aluminum fences because of their ability to rack (no stair-stepping) over sloped surfaces, providing security at the fence’s bottom where they prevent gapping.

The power coating on the aluminum fence guarantees they’ll never rust, chip, or fade. It’s easy to see why they are often chosen to wrap around pools and other outdoor spaces up and down the coasts.

Aluminum Fences Styles

The possibilities are endless with Mossy Oak Fence customization options. Decorative accessories, picket spacing, Topper styles, panel Heights, more choices than you can imagine! We rise above the industry standard when it comes to installation on our aluminum fences. We are proud to deliver high-quality aluminum fences at affordable prices, and best yet, they are beautiful!

Aluminum Fences Gallery