Fence Styles

Fence Styles - Wood Fencing v2


We can customize any style from the signature capped board on board to the ever-popular horizontal fence! If you can’t find that perfect look you have in your mind, let us help you bring your creation to life. Mossy Oak designers are always up for a challenge.

Fence Styles - Vinyl Fencing v2


We strive to carry the most relevant and popular products, including SimTek simulated stone, or wood grain vinyl fences offered in vertical and horizontal styles for additional design possibilities. Vinyl fences and the like are classics, low maintenance options that provide various style choices. The best thing about these products? The best thing about vinyl? It is highly durable, and it will never warp or fade. That’s quite an accomplishment in the Florida sun!

Fence Styles - Aluminum Fencing v2


You will find the most popular choice in a state like Florida is ornamental aluminum fences. Why? They are the perfect choice for pools and other beautiful outdoor living spaces. We all want to maximize those few “perfect” months each year while also having privacy and security. If you’re looking to maintain your property’s view while also containing your lot, we have various styles, picket spacings, and decorative accessories to compliment your home’s existing style.

Fence Styles - Chain Link Fencing v2


There’s a reason chain link fencing is so standard. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to secure commercial or residential properties. It can be customized to nearly any accommodation and is incredibly durable. At Mossy Oak, we offer both galvanized steel and vinyl coated chain link fencing, which allows for a slightly more attractive appearance with the same great functionality. If you have questions about our two chain-link options, call us today.

Fence Styles - Horse Fencing v2


With both wood and vinyl material options, we can customize stains, colors, and other design components to create the perfect space for your horses, livestock, or setting property boundaries.

Fence Styles - Estate Gates Fencing v2


An Estate state gate is truly the first impression a guest will receive of your home. While adding beautiful compliments to your property, Estate gates also meet your security and access needs. From the traditional, contemporary, and urban to a customized fence for your home, our Mossy Oak designers can come up with the perfect fence for your property in Tampa.

Fence Styles - Field Fencing v2


An extremely cost-efficient way to contain your livestock and protect them from unwanted predators, field fencing is a product and service we are glad to offer. We have a full range of fencing styles and customizations to your home and animals protected. We can add woven wire to any vinyl ranch rail or split rail, or any other wood type.

Fence Styles - Custom Fence Design v2


Custom fence design and specialty installation are at the heart of what we do at Mossy Oak Fence. We are on the cutting edge of design and innovation with so many customization styles. Your property reflects you, and we can cater to any style!

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