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Average Life Span of Every Type of Fence

Are you trying to decide which type of fence is going to be best for around your home? Or maybe it’s time to replace that old and weathered fence you have on your Tampa home? Whatever the case may be, before you choose the type of fence, it’s essential to know how long they will…

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How To Properly Remove a Used Fence

Your fence is meant to help provide you with privacy from your neighbors and protect your pets from getting out when they’re soaking in the Tampa sun when they’re outside. But as your fence gets older, it can become more of a costly nuisance than you like. Or you may just want to give your…

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Keep Your Painted Fence from Chipping

You’ve got that new, beautiful fence up around your backyard and the last thing you want is for it to get chipped or ruined, right? Discovering that your painted fence is flaking or chipping can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a home. Especially when it happens long before you feel it…

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Easiest Fences to Weed & Upkeep

No matter why you’ve put up the fence in your yard, whether it’s to add a level of privacy or to screen your pool from the hot summer winds, you may find yourself dealing with a weed issue. Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle with finding ways to keep weeds and grass from spreading from one side…

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