How To Properly Remove a Used Fence

Your fence is meant to help provide you with privacy from your neighbors and protect your pets from getting out when they’re soaking in the Tampa sun when they’re outside. But as your fence gets older, it can become more of a costly nuisance than you like. Or you may just want to give your yard a much-needed upgrade with a new fence that better fits your décor. 

While removing the panels from your old fence can be an easy part of the process, safely and properly removing the posts from the ground is an entirely different story. That’s why the reliable Tampa fence pros at Mossy Oak Tampa have put together this mini-guide to remove a used fence properly. 

Whether you’re removing an old wood-paneled fence or a chain-link fence, our expert guide will help make your job easier. 

Steps To Properly Remove a Chain Link Fence

First, you want to use wire cutters to remove and cut off each of the ties holding your fence to the posts. Then, as you’re working your way down the fence line, be sure to allow the chain link fence to lie flat on the ground. Once you’re done, roll it all up safely, and be sure to wear gloves when you’re working with any kind of metal fencing. 

Then you want to remove the top rails by loosening each of the bolts on the rail end bands on the corner posts. Finally, use an adjustable wrench to pull the sections of your top rail apart correctly. 

Next, you will remove the post by digging into the ground 12 inches around the entire base. You want to rock it back and forth to loosen the post, then pull it out of the ground. 

Now, if any of your posts won’t easily come out of the ground by pulling on them with your hands, or if they’re set in concrete, then you want to tightly screw a large c-clamp on the post near the ground. Next, put a hi-lift jack next to it and jack up the pot until its boot contacts the c-clamp. It will pop out of the ground as you continue to jack the post. And repeat for every post you need. 

Steps To Properly Remove a Wood Paneled Fence

For a wood-paneled fence, you’re going to start by removing the panel by a hammer it near each post to loosen it. You’re not going to hammer every plank on a panel because it’s far easier to hammer where the panel is attached to a post. Once it’s loose, pull the panel off the post and repeat for every panel in the length of the fence. 

Next, if your wooden posts are not in concrete, then you’ll simply loosen every post by rocking them back and forth with your hands before pulling them out. Again, be sure to wear gloves while doing this with your wooden fence so that you can get a solid grip and stop any splinters. 

If your posts are set in concrete, then you’ll want to use a shovel to loosen the dirt around the concrete. You want to remove enough soil to expose the top of the concrete. 

Then, you want to wrap a log chain, in a single strand, around the concrete and hook one end of the chain to itself and secure it in place. Next, pull out your trust jack again, wrap the other end of the chain to its foot and secure it. As you hold the chain on the foot of the jack, use your other one to pump the jack until there’s tension. 

Finally, pump the jack until it pops out of the ground. This may take some time, and then repeat it for every post that’s stuck in concrete. 

No matter what type of old fence you have, follow these easy steps, and you’ll be able to safely and correctly remove it. The friendly fend experts at Mossy Oak Tampa are here to help you realize your fencing dreams. Give us a call today at (813) 590-4482 to set up your free consultation.