How to Choose the Right Fence

At Mossy Oak, we’re here to help you through all the steps of your fence project, from start to finish. Especially in the greater Tampa Bay area, it’s important to consider all the types of fences you might want before making a decision and beginning your install. Our wide variety of fencing options perform differently depending on the install conditions, and a best choice for each project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next fence.

What the fence will be used for.

First and foremost, you should consider what the primary purpose of your new fence will be. Is it for security? For privacy? For keeping your pets in your yard? Or is it more for aesthetic value? The fences you need for each of these uses are different. A tall, wooden fence, for example, is great for affording privacy and for keeping your pets safe—but it might not give your house the look you’re hoping for. A wrought iron fence is beautiful, but requires routine maintenance and might not provide the most privacy, though, depending on the height of the fence, it is one of the most secure fence options on the market. Thinking about what you want from your new fence is key to making the right choice for your project.

The material of the fence.

Just as it is important to think about the use of the fence, it’s necessary to give some thought to what material your fence will be made out of. A wooden fence has different benefits than, say, a hurricane fence or an aluminum fence. Durability is a factor, as is maintenance. Do you need a fence that can withstand high winds and rough weather? Odds are that in Tampa Bay, you might need to keep hurricane season in mind when choosing what material to make your fence out of. Fence material is important in budgeting, style, and function.

The look of the fence.

Lastly, you’ll need to consider the design of the fence. Some fence materials, like aluminum, allow for more customization in design than others. Are you hoping for a classic picket fence look for your front yard? Odds are good that you’ll want to go with a nice, white wood if so. There are a myriad of options for fence design, and we are here to help make your fence dreams a reality at Mossy Oak.