FAQs About Wood Fences

Installing a fence is a big undertaking which requires a lot of forethought and planning. When it comes to yard fencing that’s functional, classic, and stylish, wood fences can be a great, durable option. At Mossy Oak, we want to make sure your wood fence is built exactly to your specifications and budget. Here are some questions to consider before you decide that wood is the right choice for your fence.

What kinds of wood fences are there?

While there are lots of options for how you’d like your wood fence to look, there are three basic styles of wood fence: privacy fencing, semi-privacy fencing, and of course, the classic picket fence.

Which style of wood fence best suits my needs?

Which style you should choose depends on your own personal needs. Obviously, privacy fencing is taller and the boards are more closely set together, since this type of fence is generally built to increase the privacy of your yard, most likely a backyard. Privacy fencing like this can be a great option for families with kids or large dogs, or maybe if you’re looking to give your pool a bit more of a secluded feel. When most people think of a wood yard fence, privacy fencing is usually what they’re picturing. If you have a smaller dog, or want a more social backyard or front yard, a semi-privacy fence is a great choice. Most semi-privacy fencing provides a solid boundary to your yard without completely closing it off to passerby or visitors. It can be a great choice for social neighbors or for a front yard, if you don’t like the look of a picket fence. And last but not least, there is the charming appeal of the picket fence, which is a great option for front yards or to enclose a backyard garden or dog run. Once you’ve decided which style of wood fence is the best option for your project, we will help you make it your own with skilled carpentry and unique design choices. Take a look at some of our past wood fencing projects here.

How do I choose the right type of wood for my fence?

In Florida, especially in Tampa, wood fencing can feel like a liability because of how damp our climate is—not to mention hurricane season! Our repetitive wet/dry cycles create specific challenges for wood fencing. With this in mind, we offer three distinct wood species: pressure-treated pine, Western red cedar and cypress — all of which have their own unique characteristics and capabilities. Untreated pine, for example, can warp, crack, and cup. In an effort to minimize these effects, Mossy Oak Fence only installs pine boards treated with Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood, a Green Certified product that is made to protect your fence investment. Our fence experts can help guide you through the design process and will help you choose which wood is right for your project.