Do You Have to Use Concrete for Chain Link Fence Posts?

Ready to invest in a new fence for your property? There are plenty of fencing styles on the market, but chain link fences have been the standard for residential homes and commercial properties alike. These fences are often installed with concrete “anchors” to hold the fence posts in place, but are they really necessary? While you can install a chain link fence without concrete anchors, it’s usually not the best option. Read on to learn why.

Why Use Concrete for Chain Link Fences?

Stability is the main reason you should use concrete when installing a chain link fence. By anchoring each fence post in concrete, you ensure the fence will remain straight and in excellent condition for years to come. While it may be tempting to avoid the time and expense of anchoring the posts in concrete, your fence just won’t hold up well in the long run.

Soil Composition

The type of soil in your area determines how stable the ground is, which in turn affects how fence posts will settle over time. Clay soil, for example, expands and contracts between wet and dry times, making concrete anchors a must when you’re installing a chain link fence. Florida’s sandy soil is a different story—it doesn’t shift nearly as much as clay soil, which means a chain link fence can be successful without concrete. You will, however, want to install a polymer backfill around the fence posts to provide stability and enhance drainage around them.

Concrete Anchors Secure Chain Link Fences

If all you need is a temporary fence, concrete anchors aren’t feasible. But if you’re looking for a permanent fencing solution, you should anchor each fence post in concrete for long-term stability. While some people recommend using cement only on corner, end and gate posts, the other parts of your fence can still allow for plenty of movement which can decrease both the appearance and function of the fence. It’s best to use concrete to anchor every fence post and get the job done right the first time.

Installing Chain Link Fences Without Concrete

If you choose to install a chain link fence without the use of concrete, your fencing installer will use a post-hole digger to bury the posts at least two feet below ground. As the posts are installed, your fencing professionals will backfill them to ensure they stand straight and tall for years to come.

Invest in the Best Chain Link Fence

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