Best Fence Options For Farms

Understanding which type of fence is best for your farm depends on many different factors. From the kind of farm you have, the size of your property, and the animals you have, choosing the right fence for your farm can be overwhelming. 

And when you’re installing a new fence on your farm or repairing the one you currently have, it’s an expensive process that costs you both time and money. Fortunately, that’s what the Tampa Bay fence experts at Mossy Oak Fence wanted to talk about today. So, whether you want better protection to keep your animals safe or add some pop and personality to your property, we have the experience and expertise to help you pick out and install the right fence to fit your needs. 

Here are the best fence options for farms from the pros at Mossy Oak Fence:

Wood Fences

Typically, wood is one of the most popular choices for fencing around farms because it is often cut and milled right off the farm. But that was the days of old. Gone are the days when hardwood trees are used for fences. Now the wood from lumberyards is softer that requires regular upkeep. In a humid climate like that in Tampa, you can expect your wooden fence to last 20 years if maintained properly. 

For your farm, wood fences are great around your farmhouse, small pastures, paddocks designed to separate horses, and handling facilities. However, you want to use other fencing material around the larger areas of your property. 

Woven Wire Fences

Livestock such as goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry can be difficult to contain on your farm. They will either dig, climb, or even fly through fences, so woven wire fences have been the best choice for these types of animals for years on farms. It’s also great for horses because they’re less likely to get tangled in woven wire fencing. 

A high-quality, professionally installed woven wire fence on your farm can last for up to 20 years with little maintenance required. This type of fencing is best used for corrals and night-holding pens because it’s known for its sturdy character.

Synthetic Fences

Synthetic fences are some of the longest-lasting fences you can find. This type of fencing material is excellent when combined with electricity in high-traffic areas or if you have aggressive animals on your farm. Because of their durability, ease of maintenance, and clean look, synthetic fences are typically used for horses and exotic animals, such as llamas, alpacas, or emus, in suburban areas.

Thanks to the friendly Tampa fence experts at Mossy Oak Fence, picking out the right fencing for your farm has never been easier. We work closely with you to understand your fencing needs, pick out the most durable materials possible, and professionally install your new fence right. Give us a call today at (813) 590-4482 to set up your free consultation.