Best Beachfront Fence Materials

Owning a beachfront home is a lifelong dream for most people. Living close to the water is good for the body and soul, but many homeowners don’t really think about how they’ll enclose their property boundary to secure their own little piece of heaven. A quality fence provides security, privacy, and even visual appeal for beachfront properties, but you should consider the material of your fence carefully. Let’s look at the best beachfront fence materials, so you can find the right option for your beach home.

Wooden Fencing

The quintessential wooden picket fence is a good option for beachfront properties, but you need to account for how it will hold up to the elements. Wooden fences look nice and can give your property a rustic vibe, but they’re prone to damage and rot from precipitation and beachy air. If you choose this option for your property, be prepared for some significant maintenance like yearly repainting and inspections.

Glass Fencing

One of the best fencing options for beachfront homes is a frameless glass fence. You’ll be able to enjoy those magnificent views of the beach and ocean, all while enjoying greater security. One drawback to glass fencing is that it doesn’t offer much privacy, but you can make some customizations like adding stained or tinted glass in strategic areas to keep prying eyes from seeing in.

PVC Vinyl Fencing

Looking for a fence that holds up well to the weather conditions at beachfront homes? PVC vinyl is a great option. PVC resists cracking, rotting, chipping, and peeling, withstanding even the worst weather conditions you can imagine. PVC is pricier than wood, but easy installation brings the cost of the project down, and you’ll have a longer-lasting, maintenance-free fence.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is the pinnacle of fencing materials. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s easy to customize to match the unique aesthetics of your property while taking advantage of your beachfront views. While you’ll have to keep up with routine maintenance with a wrought iron fence, your fence will last for decades and add instant appeal and value to your home.

Aluminum Fencing

This maintenance-free fencing option is ideal for beachfront homes. It even closely matches the look of wrought iron, so you can elevate the aesthetics of your property on a budget. Like other metals, aluminum is strong and durable, which means you’ll get years of faithful protection from your fence. Since it’s impervious to moisture, an aluminum fence will hold up well to the unique conditions of a beachfront property.

Add Security, Privacy, and Beauty to Your Beachfront Home

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