5 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

At Mossy Oak, we are dedicated to finding you the right type of fencing for your needs. As one of the most versatile fencing options, aluminum fencing provides a lot of benefits for many types of fencing projects, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Here are just a few benefits of choosing to install aluminum fencing for your project. 

1. Affordable

Probably the most attractive feature of aluminum fencing for many homeowners on a budget is how inexpensive it is, especially when compared to other fencing options like wood or stone fencing. The low cost of aluminum fencing means that those who use it for their fencing projects have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a finish, style, and any add-ons they may desire. 

2.Low Maintenance and Durable

As far as durability and care goes, aluminum fences are the easiest to maintain, mostly because the chemical makeup of aluminum is naturally resistant to rust. Because it is made of strong metal, termites, rot, or hail damage do not pose a real issue, and aluminum is also less likely to fade over time than a painted wooden fence. Because most aluminum fences are coated in a powder paint which binds directly to the metal, repainting is not an issue, and to keep them clean, you may just need to spray them off with a hose. The fact that aluminum fencing is naturally waterproof is a big plus in Tampa Bay, especially during hurricane season.

3. Versatile

Another big selling point of aluminum fencing as opposed to other types of fences is how versatile aluminum fencing can be. Because aluminum fencing can be built to your specifications in size, style, color, height, security options, and more, it makes for a simple solution for almost any project. Aluminum fencing can easily be made with custom designs, augmented security features, or even automated sections. At Mossy Oak, we are here to talk through all of your options. 

4. Able to Slope

A huge part of why aluminum fencing is more versatile and easier to install than other types of fencing is that it can “rack,” or in other words, it can curve around the natural hills and valleys of your property. Naturally, this effect creates a seamless, polished look to the overall fence, but it also helps keep pets in and other wildlife out more effectively. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least, aluminum fencing can easily be made from recycled materials, making it a simple, Earth-conscious option with a low environmental impact.