3 Ways to Tell If Your Fence Has Water Damage

You may think to yourself that a bit of water can’t hurt your fence, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for the fencing around your home. Water can do some real and costly damage to your privacy fence, especially if your fence is made of wood. But how can you tell that it’s time to repair your fence or that you even have the first signs of water damage in the first place? 

That’s precisely what the Tampa fence experts at Mossy Oak Tampa wanted to discuss today. We know how costly it can be when you have to repair or even replace a water-damaged fence, which is why we’ve put together our top three ways to tell if your fence has water damage. 

It’s essential to be able to recognize the telltale signs that come with a water damaged fence, so here are the top three ways to tell if your fence has water damage: 


No matter what the material is, it will ultimately create the perfect breeding ground for mold when you have too much water involved. If you have seen mold forming on or around your fence, the chances are that your fence is already suffering the effects of severe water damage. If you don’t address mold right away, it can be a devastating and costly issue that completely ruins your fencing. Take the time to give your fence a closer look for mold around the edges or seeping from cracks in your fencing. 

Your Fencing Has Fallen in Places

One of the biggest telltale signs of a water-damaged fence is that it’s fallen in places. Whether it’s because of gale-force winds or simply just bad summer rains over the years, a fallen fence can end up compromising your security and protection. 

A Weakened Structure

Over time, the effects of weather like severe thunderstorms that roll through your area end up ruining the integrity of your fence and the structure it’s built on. No matter who installed and built your fence, it was done to ensure it had the strength to last. But when your structure is damaged from water, it causes the overall strength to diminish and could lead to insects taking up home in your once beautiful fencing. 

Regardless of how long you’ve had your fence, it’s essential to inspect it regularly for water damage before it leads to expensive repairs and even replacement. Fortunately, Tampa’s dependable, friendly, and professional fence experts at Mossy Oak Tampa are here to help. Give us a call today at (407) 972-1064 to set up your free consultation.