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How Do You Choose a Fence That Looks Good on Both Sides?

When you’re investing in a new fence, you likely want it to look good from all angles, and all sides. This is especially important if you share a boundary line with a neighbor since no one wants to be stuck looking at the backside of a fence. Luckily, there are fencing materials on the market…

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Here Are the Differences Between Wood Stain and Varnish

Ready to make a smart investment in an attractive, durable wood fence? A wooden fence is made up of much more than just a few simple boards and some nails and screws. To give your new wood fence the finishing aesthetic touch, and a protective finish, it needs a professional coat of wood stain and…

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What Goes into Installing Fence Posts?

Solid, sturdy fence posts are the foundation of every attractive, long-lasting fence. You can’t overstress their importance, as their stability determines the long-term success of a fence. There’s a lot of work and a significant amount of expertise that goes into installing fence posts—that’s why building a fence is never a do-it-yourself type of job….

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